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Hike a trail :Tzavelena old stair from Acheron river to Souli mount
Σκάλα Τζαβέλαινας Σούλι Αχέροντας Γλυκή φαράγγι πηγές Αχέροντα

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Acheron, the dark river in Glyki village
πηγές Αχέροντα γλυκή θεσπρωτία

Family -friendly destination in Acheron river…

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Road trip in Thesprotia region
Σούλι Κούγκι νερόμυλος

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Nekromanteion: The ancient entrance to underworld
Νεκρομαντείο Αχέροντα

The placement of Nekromanteion on a hill at the confluence of Acheron river with its tributaries is associated with the ancient beliefs of the underworld…

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Ancient Kassopi
Αρχαία Κασσώπη Πρέβεζα

One of the most important cities in ancient Epirus with panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Amvrakikos.