The placement of Nekromanteion on a hill at the confluence of Acheron river with its tributaries is associated with the ancient beliefs of the underworld. Chasms, caves and canyons were identified in antiquity with the entrances to the underword, while lakes and rivers which flowed into the ground and continued their course underground, were associated with the path followed by the souls of the dead to Hades.

The dead were regarded by the ancient Greeks as shadows, freed from their corraptible body, capable of predicting the future. At the same time they were characterized by lack of conscience and vindictiviness against the living, so getting in contact with them was not devoid of danger for the living.

The ancient tradition mention many temples and oracles, where guests could communicate with the soul of a loved one to ask information about the future.

The core of the ritual o Nekromanteion of Acheron waw the eastern part of the complex accodring to its excavator Professor S. Dakaris, who was based on archaeological finds and written ancient sources.

Visitors entered from the north entrance of the complex and lived for some times in the rooms adjoining in the courtyard and the northern corridor, where they were subjected to mental and phisical preparations.

In the eastern corridor sacrifices and libations were performed, while in the southern corridor, known as the “Labyrinth”,cereal would be offered. Through the arched gateway the celebrants entered the main hall of the temple where the communication with the dead was deemed to take place.

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