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 GPS coordinates: 40.6260414, 21.1925755
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Vitsi mountain: From Kastoria city to Prespes lakes
Καστοριά Πρέσπες διαδρομή

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Kastoria is one of Northern Greece’ s most attractive and mysterious towns and a real must-explore…

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Dragon Cave, “highlight” in Kastoria
Καστοριά σπήλαιο Δράκου

One of the most impressive caves in Northern Greece…

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A prehistoric village in Northwestern Greece

Visit the prehistoric village Dispilio by the lake of Kastoria…

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Agios Achillios: The basilica in the heart of Prespa lake
Πρέσπες Αγιος Αχίλλειος

This is the magnificent basilica of Saint Achillios in Prespes lakes…

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Prespa Lakes: Α complex mosaic of nature

A unique destination for nature lovers, in the heart of Balkans…