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PREVEZA a bicycle-friendly town

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Love monument: a cosy corner for a beer in Preveza

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Amvrakikos Wetlands
Αμβρακικός υδροβιότοπος Ροδιάς Πρέβεζα

One the most important wetlands of Europe…

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Ancient Kassopi
Αρχαία Κασσώπη Πρέβεζα

One of the most important cities in ancient Epirus with panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Amvrakikos.

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Ionian sea coast: Sandy beaches for the sun-set
Πρέβεζα Λυγιά παραλίες

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Lefkas –The mainland island
Λευκάδα παραλίες

The entire island of Lefkada or Lefkas is full of natural attractions such as coastal villages, spectacular beaches and lush mountain villages so traditional of Greece.

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Storks prefer Filippias town in Greece
Φιλιππιάδα Πρέβεζα πελαργός

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